What Sets Us Apart

We do everything possible to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your dental appointment!

  • When numbing is needed, we use a small "Wand" instead of the large intimidating metal syringe. The wand looks like a blue pen and delivers a virtually pain-free injection. Our patients love it. Usually they don't even know an injection was given.
  • Our office also offers nitrous oxide for patients who need a little more help relaxing. Pillows, blankets, and personal TVs are always available.
  • If your teeth are sensitive when cleaned, you can request that the hygienist apply a desensitizing paste to your teeth first.
  • X-rays at Maplewood Dental are digital. They can be taken quicker and with less radiation than conventional X-rays.
  • We have many options to make dental treatment affordable. Our Oral Health Saving Plan allows patients without insurance to receive high-quality dental treatment at no charge or at reduced fees with a low yearly membership. CareCredit offers six months free financing for patients who qualify. All major credit cards are accepted and we are preferred providers for many insurance companies.
  • If our patients experience a dental emergency we do everything possible to quickly get them into the office and make them comfortable. Our doctors are also available after hours. Their emergency contact numbers are on the office phone answering machine.
  • Maplewood Dental is dedicated to our patients' overall health. The doctors are well aware of recent clinical studies that show a startling connection between oral health and overall health. Bacteria from the mouth is released into the blood stream and is associated with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, pre-term birth as well as many other serious conditions. Patient care is personalized with this in mind.

Dr. Bell has been treating patients in North Palm Beach County for more than 25 years. Our staff is professional and highly trained in their fields.